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    Hello! Just an introductory post

    Hi everyone,

    I hope this is the right place to post this. I thought I'd just put up a post and say hi. My friends call me Howie. I used to play table tennis regularly when I was at school and did some competitive play, but that was some 15 years ago, and although I have kept up playing occasionally since then, I am looking to seriously get back into the game and play regularly. Not sure about playing competitive again, but would certainly love to play more regularly again.

    So I thought I'd just say hi, and you will be able to tolerate my silly questions about up-to-date / modern gear.

    My current set up is a penhold Yinhe T11+ with a DHS Hurricane Neo 3 for my forehand, and Winning NP-8 on the reverse. I don't usually use reverse, but do occasionally try from time to time.

    Hope to get to know more of you in future. 😊


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