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    Picking blade and rubbers after using same blade for 20 years

    Hi all,

    I used to play table tennis for a few years when i was little (20 years ago), and i got back to it in the last year.
    I am currently using my old blade (Kong Linghui Euro), FH Acuda S2, BH Acuda S3.

    I understand that blades changed significantly and I want to get a new one.
    I've been reading so many reviews about so many blades I really have no idea at this point

    Level wise I'm a local league player, with solid technique for all shots but not too quick or too many tactics.
    With my current setup i feel like i have a lot of control (i find it relatively easy to loop backspin on both sides), but lacking speed (hard to "kill" a point).
    In my style of play I always try to attack first, sometimes with high loopy spins and sometimes lower arc. I don't like to get into counter punches and tend to go away from the table for defense if counter punching for more than 2-3 shots).
    Also if I'm being attacked first, I will tend to play more blocking style rather than counter looping (that's a footwork issue rather than preference I think )

    I'm looking for a setup that will enable me effectively attack with both FH and BH following a backspin. On the BH I'm looking also for a nice feel to place blocks. On my FH I currently struggle from mid range counter attack where the ball is not going back fast enough if I don't have a enough time for a large stroke).

    I read so much on the internet and at this point I think I'll go for either Viscaria or Timo Ball ALC, and I'm clueless about the rubbers (I thought about blue fire M3/2 previously), mainly as I'm not sure how to know which rubbers work with which.
    This week I'll also have a change to try Tiago Apolonia ZLC and Innerforce ALC, both with Tenergy but don't even know what can I learn from them as I don't they suit me.

    Important to note I only have access to Donic/Tibhar/Butterfly equipment, and at least for rubbers I hope to avoid Tenergy as it is so expensive

    Any thought would be really appreciated!
    Thank you for reading!
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