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    Cure for the EJ

    Hey dudes, I have finally found a cure for EJing, it is so simple. Get a bat you enjoy playing with and play fairly well with.
    It is that easy.

    For me it is the Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon.

    It is not the fastest but it is quick enough, now when I flat hit/drive with 1.9 Tenergy I hardly ever miss and because I am not holding back on the shot too maintain control it goes like a rocket.
    Now because I stopped listening to everyone telling me that it is the wrong sort of blade for medium pimples, and just persisted with it, my medium pimple shots are decent. The main difference is I have to shorten the stroke. The blade is not as easy for me to use on backhand with pimples as the 7 ply wood fextra in general, but it is getting there.
    But the improvements in my fh in the spin, drive return of serve, variation of serve are so overwhelming it is ridiculous.
    My fat man crap lollipop block, is actually hardly ever not landing.

    My consistency at getting balls on table has gone up so much it is silly.

    I am still very weak in humid conditions and still get angry about that thing (you know) but I am playing so much better in general most of the time.

    Because I am getting more consistent I am actually playing with varied spin and placement because I feel like the ball is going to land.

    I stopped thinking everyone says get a stiff 7 ply wood for your pimples.
    I ignored everyone saying Ma Lin Carbon has bad old carbon, get another more expensive blade.
    Or Ma Lin Carbon is too slow for modern balls.

    I just played with it for a few months.

    A cured EJ

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