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Hmm, this is quite interesting as G555 and meybe even G666 is recomended by DHS for backhand stroke. Is there any benefeits to them over H3 or Japanese rubbers? Why are they recommended on BH? Softer and grippy are reasones enough but consiudering the chinese recommmend it there must be more...

With G666 or H3 on BH, you will have to follow through (go over the ball more), these rubbers are good to train technique. In matches situations it can be quite frustrating as you will see that you will do more effort to have the same power compared to someone using tensor rubber on backhand.
If you dont have a good footwork, you can forget about these rubbers in matches.
Of course if you don't want to bother much go for tensors rubbers in backhand.
I personnally use H3 on my backhand because it allows me to put more spin and hit full stroke without worrying about the control but of course I must have a good placement and finish my stroke to be effective and sometimes it is very difficult