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I just realised that I did not answer SFF original question regarding using 1.8mm version. I can't say for sure because my local vendor here only sell the max thickness ( 2.0mm ). Anyhow, I would still go for max thickness on FH because I am sure my FH can hit hard enough to engage the max thickness sponge.

After writing the long winded post above, I reflected and then dust off my Nittaku H3 from my drawer and glued it to my DHS Long V blade on the FH side. I guess, why waste a perfectly good and expensive rubber right? I have a gut feel my FH can now use such a brick hard rubber such as this. ( However I'll heavily boost it though ... sheesh, don't tell anyone I am such a cheat ). I also found an unused commercial grade DHS H3 soft which is sitting idly. I'll glue this on too for BH use. I'll try it this weekend at my club and see how well it plays out. Perhaps I may have overestimate my ability, who knows, I will find out this weekend.

Looks like my original plan to use Skyline 2 ( FH ) & Skyline 3-60 ( BH ) will have to wait until I try out the above combo.
I tried this new set up today and I am surprised I am able to have good FH loop using this super hard brick like rubber ( boosted of course ). I doubt I can play with it if it is virgin unboosted rubber. My opponent commented the ball is very spinny. The sound is also very wonderful: clicky metalic sound.