A Korean lady TT Youtuber made a vid promoting some new TT club in Seoul. The club is JH TTC, but the exact name is not as important as simply understanding what to ecpect for a regular amateur TT club in a Korean city. This is what the newer clubs look like on average - 6+ tables for members and 2 tables for training. Wide enough space to play. Older clubs are usually 4 or 5 tables and kinda cramped for space. Some newer ones are larger, but 6-8 tables for members is normal sized for the clubs popping up, the new larger sized ones of course (Think Kim Taek Soo's new club) have 10-16 tables.

Even if you do not read Korean, most of it is self explanitory. At 2:04, they show the club fees. Basic membeship costs $65 USD a month that allows you to play every day on the member tables. Add in $85 for 2 each 15 minute multiball lessons with coach for the entire month. Most clubs are open EVERY day, often open around 11 AM and close at 10 or 11 PM. This club, hard to see from fast moving camera is open M-F 10 AM to 11 PM and weekends 1 PM to 11PM.