For Sale - Good condition Darker Cegna blade with straight handle. The weight is between 88g and 89g (my scales don't go into decimals but it flickers between them). The blade is in great condition although has one ding on the edge. I didn't notice it until the rubbers were removed and you wouldn't notice it playing with the blade. I tried to take some close up photos but they are not as clear as I hoped. Feel free to message me if you would like any more. I played with this for a few months and thought it was a very nice crisp, controlled blade. Not quite the same power as a carbon blade but somewhere in between that and an all wood. Unfortunately, due to lack of practice I need to go back to something slower and more controlled for now so I'm using a 5 ply all wood and this is going unused - hence the decision to sell it. Blade comes with the original box - was purchased from TT11 earlier this year. Any questions, feel free to message me. Thanks.

Blade is £60
Postage to UK is £3.70

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