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    Interview with Truls after his win against Lim. Incl. comments on his mental game.

    An interview done in Swedish which I have translated and transcribed to the best of my ability. See below. As often happens with written translations, many sayings don't 100% translate and are subject to be misinterpreded.

    Since he is talking about his mantal game which I've seen many having a strong reaction about, I really don't want to wrongfully convey his meaning.

    If we have any more swedes here please comment if you think i translated something wrong. I will also check and respond if I find that you might misunderstood something due to my translation. Ofcourse it's always hard to know someone's true meaning, especially in a short interview like this.

    I would also like to add that the tone of the reporter is that of a friend who is well accustomed to to 'the talk', but at the same time doing an official interview.


    Reporter(R): Truls Möregårdh, one of the sickest(craziest) matches so far this world championship and also in the history of world championships. You turn the match around from a seamingly hopless situation 0-3 to 4-3, and the way you do it.. What do you say about the match, do we have an hour available

    Truls(T): Yes that is needed , I don't know what to say actually. It was a very special/peculiar match. I had no chance in the beginning and then I tried to find stuff which he doesn't like. I win the 4th set even though I play "normal" table tennis. Then the last three sets I just freestyled and played many different spins, and "no look" shots. A lot of freestyling and that is the way I want to play and what I think is fun.

    R: Yes and it is extremly appealing to the viewers. You have a nimble wrist and can do most things with the ball. And when you on top of that find the creativity and succeed, you offer a very different play. But you also had a body language which got into the head of your opponent. What are your thoughts regarding the psychological warfare you conducted very successfully, like no other?

    T: You can win games in different ways. I den här matchen ser jag "arrogant" ut, and doesn't look like I care at all and freestyle and stuff. That's how I win games. Some may fight their way back and play better, but I chose this tactic which has worked previously, and i'm very happy with it. To be able to do this in a world championship 1/16 is fantastic!

    R: You say it your self, you're in the mens singels quarterfinals. What do you say about that?

    T: It's sick(crazy), really sick. I am living the dream right now, but I'm not satisfied yet. I will let this match sink in, will take a couple of hours. Then it's just to keep going!

    R: You were out of the tournament, outclassed. Not one but to feet out the door. Stellan Bengtsson (the coach, wttc champ -71) had already packed the bags. You were out, but you turn it around! How goes your thoughts when you see your opponent start to hesitate?

    T: Well, I looked him straight in the eyes after each point, and tried to win the metal game 100%. He was the better player until tha last three sets where I totally crushed him, with this 'fun playstyle'. When he gets nervous and I play like that it's no fun for him(pointing more towards 'good for him' than the fun part). Well it's fantastic (for me).

    R: We saw previously in the tournament where he (Lim Jong-hoon) have played an unbelivable rapid, quick and modern gameplay, which have blown the opponents off the court(swedish saying). And here comes a creative wrist which he hasn't tasted before very often I presume. Where do you rank this win in your career?

    T: The biggest, i think. Definately with regards to how it played out. Also the most insane. I don't understand how I won it and with those numbers against such a good player. Totally Insane!

    R: You said it yourself before we started the interview: 'What just happened?' And that's what everyone is wondering,

    T: mhm

    R: perhaps Lim(Lim Jong-hoon) the most.

    T: mhm ainst Lim. Incl.

    R: How do you refocus on the quarterfinals after such a game? What will you do now after this interview?

    T: I will call my family, and shout and maybe even cry a bit. It will be fun to talk to them. I wished they all could be here. They mean alot to me. I will call them, and then check out Kristian vs Aruna, my future opponent in the quarter finals. It will be a lot of fun. I'm fully ready for my next match!

    R: I wish you good luck, and thanks for the show!

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    I found it very intresting that he has such a unique mental game on top of his unique gameplay. Hate it or love it. All I know is that when he plays, I don't want to miss a point!

    However i think it's very liberating and healthy that he talks about it openly in an interview. Please be respectful regardless of opinion.

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    Thanks for making the effort to do this RicardoGatsopare - all of us non-Swedish speakers appreciate it!

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