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    I have been able to test D05 and D80 side by side, 2.1 for both.

    D80, although billed as the allrounder of the series is both faster and way more spin sensitive vs D05, not a good combination for me. At first I thought it could be due to having consecutive bad nights or technique related but as soon as I swapped to my spare Vis with Vega Pro & MX-D (both in Max) the ease of blocking came back immediately. Quick note: the factory boosting of MX-D had noticeably worn off and the throw seemed to have gone from medium-high to now medium with harder feel - which is not all bad as it’s now more suitable for my BH. Vega Pro still goes strong and is soooo reliable - the high throw, sufficient hardness, spin insensitivity and pricing is unbeatable. As soon as MX-D dies I will put VP both sides on this spare bat. Look forward to comparing Max vs 2.0 I guess 😀

    Back to D05 vs D80, I didn’t get along with D80 at all, maybe it needs to be boosted. There was no stability in defence and for me it was attack or else. I felt only pushing, high speed rallying, smashing and surprisingly long distance chopping were its strengths over D05.

    D05, apart from being really, really terrible in the short push game is the most complete overall rubber for me, balancing my reactive style with the attacking I need. Although expensive, I will have to concede and admit it is worth buying.

    My testing has ended for now. With everything being considered including price my ratings:

    🥇 : Vega Pro
    🥈 : D05
    🥉 : Gold Arc 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZFT
    What is the least spin sensitive you have used?

    I’ve been using Vega Pro + Rozena and these are great. Rozena more catapult for the backhand and Vega Pro to be able to generate better spin and power on forehand. Are there any other considerations in 45-55 deg range?
    Fastarc P1, way more control than D64. The best thing is that it doesn’t shrink.

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