Yes, to the last guy DukeGaGa, the former umpire. You are correct, as the official answer was established a long time ago, and I'll have to agree with the guy calling me a troll that there's really nothing left that needs said on the subject.

To respond to the troll caller's unwarranted comment calling my sportsmanship into question, I would never argue over an actual meaningless point in a ball slapping contest meant for fun and exercise only, and recall calling a let on myself last weekend against a player who didn't know the rules ovet side of the table shots. I think it hit the playing edge rather than the side, but wasn't sure, so called it a let, and wound up losing 11-9.

Maybe it was s stupid question, and maybe I was trolling in my othet thread about stomping, so I'll give him and the other troll caller-outers another point which when added to my points between this and that thread make it a tie ballgame and an official draw.