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    WTT has no respect for western players


    like many of us I'm watching the WTT Youtube channel to see some matches and I just got a "wait WTF ?" moment reading who was playing.

    In chinese culture for instance, the first name of the player isn't fully written, the last name/family name comes first on the shirt, then the first name comes with initials, hence "Fan Z.D.". Ok, good. We western people respect that, we know that, so we write these names AS THEY SHOULD BE WRITTEN ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN CULTURE.

    What the uploader has done here on the WTT's Youtube channel is a total disrespect, at least the score overlay shows the right way to spell non chinese/japanese names:
    Here it should be M. ABDULWAHHAB/H. AL-MOHANNADI and not that MOHAMED A./AHMAD K.A.M

    Here it should be D. GONZALEZ/B. AFANADOR vs C. AKUZZU/ A.CASSIN

    And there is this other BS:

    So yeah... the score writes the correct last/family names, sometimes without the first name or its initial and that is acceptable, the family name, as in any other culture, is what matters first.

    So please WTT, stop being that ethnocentric.

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