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    Hey KM1976,

    You made a lot of great points/observations.

    One does NOT need to be an offensive Juggernaut to make 2000. You respect Next Level and have seen him in action. HE will tell you that when we play, I get almost all my points from PUSHING to him (and letting him mis-read and give me points) (because I kept disguising from heavy to light) (especially the dead push)

    Ironically, I have not run into coach Daniel yet. He is Bay Area based and I occasionally go to Bay Area... I am even going to the 888 Teams Late May 2022. I should make it point to cause trouble with him in Korean. I think he coaches at TTA. He articulates on a lot of needed areas a lot of other coaches never cover.

    One thing that England's Andy Wiggins (apw46 on all the TT forums) said that has really held up over time that if you want to increase a level or two, watch a lot of the players in you TT hall who are 1-2 levels above you and see what they do and improve in those things... do that instead of copying Ma Long.

    I began to get a lot better when I discovered how I want to play (or should play given my limitations) and got equipment that makes it easy to do those things.

    I discuss PUSHING here as an asset... which would get me in trouble with the left-handed coaching pundit brigade...who believes in attack attack attack. There is a thing called QUALITY about pushes. I define QUALITY of a shot as the level of EFFECTIVENESS in accomplishing the goal (stay alive, stay in point, get back to a position to attack or control the rally) There are so many things that go into a shot quality. It comes down to reading the ball, seeing the opponent, knowing what is possible and knowing what you want to do. Then there are the things that are aspects of the shot.

    - pace of push (fast or slow)
    - amount of spin (heavy or real light)
    - disguise of spin (can you sell the opponent on seeing something that is not there - make him hallucinate)
    - height control (can you not make it easy to slap-kill)
    - depth control (very deep or very shallow or barely half long) (middle of table landing is a death zone to you)
    - how early you take ball of the bounce (you take it 2 feet from bounce, you gave opponent 4 ft of time and space TOO MUCH)
    - how short a stroke you can use (adds to disguise and improves spin and direct contact)
    - placement (can you make it unexpected or awkward) (can you make it short or shorter if opponent too far back)
    - variation (can you change it up and fool opponent?)
    - consistency from any position (do you miss the shot ever?)

    These aspects add quality and level if you can get more and more of them right. You can see that good control over a push and high quality can get you a lot of points won just from a push.

    Then later, we can have good discussion on BLOCKING and what is quality there. So many points won on blocking possible too.

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