Has anyone performed comparison tests (for the 40+ plastic ball era) between the useless low aspect ratio rubbers listed on the ITTF’s LARC against high aspect ratio super long pips out of China & Indonesia, especially for parameters such as backspin ( spin reversal or looper torture index) .

Keep in mind that ITTF’s rules of reign of terror in the past 23 years
  1. 2 mm maximum allowed pip length
  2. Aspect Ratio of 1.1 which was reduced from 1.3 in 1998
  3. Reduction in maximum allowed pip density to 30 pips per sq.cm from 50 pips per sq.cm before 2003
  4. Ball size increase from 38 mm to 40 mm in 2000
  5. Ball material change from celluloid to plastic in 2014
  6. Frictionless pips ban of 2008

have totally rendered the long pips rubbers on LARC totally useless in the 40+ plastic ball era. An yet it is amazing that these pips players continue to hold the delusion such as the Feint Long 3 is a good chopping rubber or Tibhar Grass Dtec is a good blocking rubber.

All I ask you is this.

Build the first racket with same blade & any low aspect ratio crap long pips rubber on ITTF LATC that you currently use
Then build another racket with High Aspect Ratio Super long pips (I will give examples below).

Test the above two rackets against the same set of loopers (or other types of players) you will test these rubbers against in your club practices.

If you are a close to the table blocker I recommend Avalox Mo (big pips version) or Mo Wang 3
If you are an away from the table chopper you may want to try Reach C801 though this may not be good

Anyway the rubber Magic 77 is the best all around long pips I have ever used in the 40+ plastic ball era. This is an amazing rubber because I can chop with high spin reversal & looper torture index away from the table but interestingly the blocks close to the table also have a high spin reversal & looper torture. My flat hits are fast and deadly and sink fast. However I would like to see a version of Magic 77 with rougher pip tops for more back spin & spin reversal.

I have not tested any newly available Indonesian long pips rubbers yet as I cannot get them I hope player test them and post reviews .

Magic 77 , AvaloxMO , Mo Wang III and Reach c-801 are available on Ali Express