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    Be honest guys: you don't need carbon blades

    Emmanuel Lebesson: 2016 ETTC champion, all wood blade
    Simon Gauzy: 2016 ETTC runner-up, all wood blade
    TTD's Tom "The Frog" Maynard: all wood blade

    In my club, the top players are ranked 1700 to 1800 FFTT, means RC or USATT 2200 to 2300 !!! and... none of them use carbon blades.

    So when I remember myself trying to master those BTY ALC outer or inner whatever blades with ESN/Jap rubbers with my tiny current RC 1400, I just ... laugh how stupid I was.

    I've played a guy just ranked 200 pts over me, I've beaten him twice maybe, but most of the time I've lost 4-0 or 4-1 at least a dozen of times: he uses a butterfly all wood 5 ply blade !!! his control is ridiculous ! his serves, receives and backspin pushes are so spinny it's a nightmare to handle, he's got tons of control and placement variations in his blocks, and his loops and counterloops are always spot on with the right spin speed and placement. He trains once a week only, no cardio, running, only some stretching and that's all. This guy has the smartest and clever brain I know.

    Unless you're a top national in your country, I don't think you need any of those carbon composite blades. Of course composite materials can bring a lot for the sweet spot enlargement and better control, like the Zylon in the ZLF innerlayer blades, the Glassfiber, but carbon is way too much unless you add at least 2 strong and thick layers of ayous or limba to compensate its too much strong reaction properties. Better play with an all-wood blade then ! Unless you are a top national, this sport is all about technique and control, intelligence and nerves control.

    The rubbers are now being harder and harder with a much stronger catapult effect, the first time I played with a Rasanter R47 Ultramax on an all wood OFF- blade I felt like I was playing with speed glue guys ! I mean, for most of us even 2.0mm sponge thickness is enough !

    Be honest first, most of time the mistakes we make are all because of a lack of control abilities, a lack of feeling because of a too much hard and stiff blade.

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