We all know that blades like Viscaria and HL5 are extremely popular, representing two different approaches to the offensive style. For all you offensive players out there, which blade archetype do you prefer? Why does this suit you better? Or if you have totally different archetype you like, feel free to say why.

I started out with the V14 Pro (outer alc) thinking that it was just the best all-around offensive blade style because it was so popular on the pro tour.

But recently switching to inner alc blades such as DHS Bo2, I now see the inner structure as being completely superior in every way. When I go back to playing with the V14 Pro, it feels so pathetic to me now. I can't really find anything good about it anymore.

1) inner provides more serve and short game touch and feel
2) inner gives more control and feel, allowing me to take bigger and harder loop-kill swings
3) inner gives more arc, giving me a feeling of safety to clear the net and curve into the table
4) some people warned me that inner would feel slower, but I have the exact opposite experience. I feel my inner blades are overall faster, especially at mid-range
5) the 2 most important shots for me, opening loops and topspin loops both feel easier to execute and have better feeling with inner blade

Would be very interested to hear your experiences.