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    says Spin, Not Speed
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    What Do You Think of Innersheild ZLF (Butterfly)


    I'm a Semi-professional Wheelchair Table Tennis player and so generally play very close to the table. I've been trying to work out what I can change up in my equipment to get anything more out of my game.
    I would describe myself as a Modern Defender as I like to chop, block and i also Play alot of loops and slow heavy spin shots. Currently I am using Tenergy 80Fx on both sides with a TSP Super defensive blade. I have been thinking about other blades i could try, as i am very happy with my Rubbers (But may switch to dignics 80 on my backhand in future as that is my strongest side and i like to catch people out by quickly changing pace and whipping a backhand loop).

    So i would like to hear from anyone who has actually used the Innersheild ZLF from butterfly in person,
    What rubbers did you use with it?
    What Shots did you find it was better with?
    How good was it for light brushing to produce alot of spin, e.i. Loops, Serves, Chops?
    How was it for serving?
    How was it's feeling?
    Although it's a slow blade did you feel you could still do fast drives and counter-topspins if you needed to?
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