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    Sep 2022
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    Chengdu WTTTC first stage draw posted

    Other than China, who else has the easiest draw ?

    Lucky USA. They are grouped with China in both men & women 🙂

    Men’s Team
    Group 1: China, Slovenia, United States, Puerto Rico, Thailand
    Group 2: Germany, France, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
    Group 3: Japan; Hong Kong, China; Romania; Iran; Hungary
    Group 4: Republic of Korea, Egypt, Czech Republic, Canada, Saudi Arabia
    Group 5: Sweden, England, Australia, Poland
    Group 6: Brazil, Portugal, Denmark, Slovakia
    Group 7: Chinese Taipei, Croatia, Belgium, Singapore

    Women’s Team
    Group 1: China, United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Malaysia
    Group 2: Japan, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Uzbekistan
    Group 3: Hong Kong, China; Brazil; France; Italy; South Africa
    Group 4: Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Luxembourg, Iran
    Group 5: Germany, Egypt, India, Czech Republic
    Group 6: Romania, Chinese Taipei, Sweden, Portugal
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