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    I think I found my happy place!!!

    I wanted to drop a post to thank everyone for their opinions and answers to my questions on rubbers, as well as suggestions. I wanted to drop a post to say I think I finally found my happy place with my set up now. After having played about with various combos of rubbers and blades, I've finally settled on the Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive with a black 2.15 Skyline TG3 Neo, and a red 2.1 Hurricane 3-50 soft. I know most people would say FH or BH, but with me playing cpen, and not really into my RBP, they're all forehand for me LOL.

    The Skyline TG3 Neo allows me to have those loop drives consistently, much better than my experiments with the Hurricane 3 Neo. Although the Hurricane 3-50 soft was good for consistency for me too, it was noticeably a bit slower, but that is why I've kept this for the other side, as I may want / need to change my style to a slower game in order to try and take the pace away from the other person and be more precise with my placements.

    In case it helps anyone, I thought I'd explain a bit about my reasoning for this setup. I found with the Hurricane 3 Neo that I was overshooting the table when I was doing big power looping drives. This was the case when I put it on a less stiff blade. The Hurricane 3-50 soft allowed me to do the long loop drive strokes onto the pretty consistently, but noticed it was lacking a bit in speed compared to Neo. Not slow, but just noticeably slower. The Skyline TG3 is faster again, but allows me to get my drives quite deep. So that's why I decided that the Skyline TG3 Neo 2.15 coupled with a Hurricane 3-50 2.1 soft was my happy place in terms of set up.

    Please don't treat this as some kind of gear review - it really wasn't meant to be read as that, but just my personal opinions about the different rubbers I had tried.

    Thanks again, people! It's good to know there's such a helpful community here!


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