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He has already done this as pnachtwey. It was a nightmare. You don't want that. If he posts good content about correct information he is much better than when he says something else is wrong. When he says something is wrong, he continually ends up in flame wars with people not understanding what he is saying

and him not understanding what they are saying.

So, no, don't do a repeat of TT myths. Post good content heavy with technical facts and not talking about the things that are wrong.
So how is a person to know what is true and what is false if it isn't pointed out?

The things that are right will make clear things that are wrong without you even having to reference them.
No they won't. The fact we are still 'debating' the same issue that were 'debated' over 10 years ago is proof of my assertion.

USDC doesn't want me to hurt anybody's woke feelings. Some how all opinions, facts and falsehoods are equal here.