The ITTF has updated the rankings again! The new rankings were published on July 5, 2013. According to ITTF's calendar, the next release will be August 1, 2013.

--- Ma Long tops the July Rankings ---

After another early WTTC exit in the semi final, Ma Long picks up his usual business; winning World tours and being the World no.1. Ma Long passes Xu Xin, who drops down to the 2nd place.

Ma Long at the 2012 Olympics - Back at the top of the world. Photo by:

June has been the month of the China Open and the Japan Open! Many top players travel to Asia for these big World Tours every year.

Fan Zhendong and Ng Wing Nam - U21 China Open winners - Photos by: ITTF

Certainly one of the World Tours with the strongest contestants every year is the China Open.
In the men's singles, out of the top 4 of the world only Zhang Jike had to drop out due to an injury. However the CNT could easily fill the gap with the younger talent Yan An. In the end it was Ma Long who grabbed the title, together with the world no.1 spot, after a convincing win over Wang Hao.

In the women's singles an old favorite showed up to play one of her last tournaments for China; Guo Yan even reached the final but was then beaten by Li Xiaoxia, who has been unstoppable lately.

While Yan An managed to beat Fan Zhendong easily in the men's singles, it was the other way round in the U21 boys' area. Fan first had problems against Patrick Franziska in the semi finals, but impressively added the U21 title to his name at the age of 16.

Also in the U21 girls main draw there were several young players, including Japan's Miyu Kato and Mima Ito. However, after a tough battle in the final, it was Hongkong's Ng Wing Nam who claimed the last prize.

Masato Shiono and Ai Fukuhara - Japan Open 2013 winners - Photos by: ITTF

A tournament of upsets is what the Japan Open 2013 could be called.
Various famous top players like Chuang Chih-Yuan, Wang Liqin, Hao Shuai and Jun Mizutani competed in this event, however the surprising finalists were Japan's chopper Masato Shiono and China's young talent Xu Chenhao. Xu had a lot of problems with Masato's heavy backspin shots and thus couldn't take home his first big prize. It was Masato who kept the prize for Japan by winning 4-0.

In the women's event Ai Fukuhara seemed to have found back her old form. On her way to the final even the talented Chinese Gu Yuting and Che Xiaoxi couldn't stop her. In the final she also posted a 4-0 victory over Moon Hyung Jung from Korea.

This month's notable changes
09 (33) Fan Zhendong
30 (42) Kim Min Seok
38 (55) Alexey Smirnov
45 (61) Patrick Franziska
57 (74) Omar Assar
71 (91) Alexey Liventsov
74 (92) Bora Vang
81 (213) Xu Chenhao
85 (188) Masato Shiono

06 (unr) Guo Yan
16 (10) Kim Kyungah
38 (50) Melek Hu
47 (77) Shan Xiaona
51 (70) Liu Gaoyang
54 (79) Ng Wing Nam
75 (unr) Che Xiaoxi
79 (129) Miyu Kato
85 (148) Liu Xi
97 (128) Mima Ito

Men's World Rankings
01 (02) Ma Long
02 (01) Xu Xin
03 (04) Wang Hao
04 (03) Zhang Jike
05 (<<) Timo Boll
06 (07) Dmitrij Ovtcharov
07 (06) Chuang Chih-Yuan
08 (<<) Ma Lin
09 (33) Fan Zhendong
10 (12) Yan An
11 (09) Wang Liqin
12 (10) Vladimir Samsonov
13 (<<) Hao Shuai
14 (11) Jun Mizutani
15 (14) Joo Se Hyuk
16 (15) Gao Ning
17 (16) Chen Qi
18 (17) Michael Maze
19 (<<) Koki Niwa
20 (22) Marcos Freitas
21 (23) Patrick Baum
22 (18) Jiang Tianyi
23 (24) Adrian Crisan
24 (26) Chen Chien-An
25 (21) Ryu Seung Min
26 (20) Oh Sang Eun
27 (<<) Bastian Steger
28 (<<) Kenta Matsudaira
29 (28) Lee Jung Woo
30 (31) Robert Gardos
30 (42) Kim Min Seok
32 (37) Andrej Gacina

Women's World Rankings
01 (<<) Ding Ning
02 (03) Li Xiaoxia
03 (02) Liu Shiwen
04 (<<) Feng Tianwei
05 (<<) Zhu Yuling
06 (unr) Guo Yan
07 (<<) Shen Yanfei
08 (06) Wu Yang
09 (08) Chen Meng
10 (12) Feng Yalan
11 (09) Ishikawa Kasumi
12 (14) Guo Yue
13 (11) Jiang Huajun
14 (15) Fukuhara Ai
15 (13) Pavlovich Viktoria
16 (10) Kim Kyungah