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    June World Rankings 2014

    The ITTF has updated the rankings again! The new rankings were published on June 5, 2014.

    --- Rise of new talents after month of Challenge Series ---

    The past month gave some rest to the top players but there certainly was competition for the subtop. Three Challenge Series have been played: The Philippines Open, Croatia Open and the Australia Open.

    Feng Tianwei and Ho Kwan Kit - 2014 Philippines Open Champions - Photos by: ITTF

    The Philippines Open seemed to end up as a Singaporean party as the four top seeds on both the men's and the women's list were from Singapore. However, things turned out otherwise as many new talents from other countries participated.

    Both Zhan Jian and Yang Zi were able to reach the semi finals quite easily, but this is were 17-year old Ho Kwan Kit showed up. After having to play the qualification groups went all the way to the semi finals, where he also beat Yang Zi and Zhan Jian to secure the title.

    Higher ranked players in the women's event showed that they had less problems with less known players. Japan's Riyo Nemoto and Hina Hayata made it to the semi finals but Feng Tianwei and Elizabeta Samara both reached the final with excellent 4-0 victories. The expected player, Feng Tianwei, became the champion a couple hours later.

    Yang Xiaoxin and Ricardo Walther - Croatia Open Champions - Photo by: ITTF Facebook

    Again a stronger participation in the women's event than in the men's event during the Croatia Open in Zagreb.

    Starting with the men's event: 3 out of 4 semi final tickets were taken by Japanese players. Top seed Yuto Muramatsu was easily defeated by Masaki Yoshida (4-0). The 4th semi finalist was a German player; Ricardo Walther dealt with Tonin Ryuzaki in the semi final before playing perhaps the most exciting match of the tournament against Yoshida. After a great comeback he took both the 6th and 7th game, and with that his first World Tour title.

    Also a surprise in this World Tour, this time in the women's event. After Misako Wakamiya beat both #2 seed Yuka Ishigaki and Romania's Camelia Postoaca, she met a player from Monaco in the final. Yang Xiaoxin already got rid of top seed Georgina Pota earlier and she did the same with Wakamiya: a 4-1 championship win.

    Feng Tianwei and Wu Zhikang - Australian Open Champions - Photo by: ITTF Facebook

    The last event of the month was the Australian Open where William Henzell challenged the Asian competition.

    Henzell managed to delight the homecrowd by defeating top seed Wong Chun Ting in the quarter finals however he was out of luck afterwards; a tight 4-3 loss against Wu Zhikang meant exit of the tournament. Wu met countrymate Zhan Jian in the final. Despite losing in the first round of the U21 boys draw, Wu became the champion in the main draw after a 4-1 victory.

    The eyes were also focused on the Japanese players of the future, Mima Ito and Miyu Kato. Only Mima made it to the semi finals while Miyu was beaten by Yuko Fuji. More Japanese players, Misaki Morizono and Saki Tashiro joined her, but it was again Feng Tianwei who showed her dominance. With two 4-0 victories she added another title to her collection, but she also earned back her #4 World Ranking.

    This month's most notable changes
    35 (41) ZHAN Jian ^
    89 (113) WALTHER Ricardo
    91 (133) WU Zhikang ^^
    99 (116) YOSHIDA Masaki
    106 (126) HENZELL William
    113 (143) HO Kwan Kit
    129 (161) ROBINOT Alexandre

    4 (5) FENG Tianwei
    36 (48) WAKAMIYA Misako
    49 (74) YANG Xiaoxin ^^
    52 (64) ITO Mima
    59 (70) HAYATA Hina
    65 (78) KATO Miyu
    89 (105) SATO Hitomi
    110 (133) NEMOTO Riyo

    Men's World Rankings
    1 (1) XU Xin
    2 (2) MA Long
    3 (3) FAN Zhendong
    4 (4) OVTCHAROV Dimitrij
    5 (5) ZHANG Jike
    6 (6) WANG Hao
    7 (7) CHUANG Chih-Yuan
    8 (8) MIZUTANI Jun

    9 (9) YAN An
    10 (10) BOLL Timo
    11 (11) SAMSONOV Vladimir
    12 (12) GAO Ning
    13 (13) FREITAS Marcos
    14 (15) ZHOU Yu
    15 (14) NIWA Koki
    HAO Shuai
    16 (16) JOO Saehyuk

    17 (17) KIM Minseok
    18 (18) CHEN Chien-An
    19 (19) TANG Peng
    20 (22) CHO Eonrae
    21 (23) GACINA Andrej
    22 (25) SHIONO Masato
    23 (20) MATSUDAIRA Kenta
    24 (21) BAUM Patrick
    25 (24) APOLONIA Tiago
    26 (26) STEGER Bastian
    27 (27) GIONIS Panagiotis
    28 (28) CRISAN Adrian
    29 (29) FRANZISKA Patrick
    30 (32) MAZE Michael
    31 (30) GARDOS Robert
    32 (31) KISHIKAWA Seiya

    Women's World Rankings
    1 (1) LIU Shiwen
    2 (2) DING Ning
    3 (3) LI Xiaoxia
    4 (5) FENG Tianwei
    5 (4) CHEN Meng
    6 (5) ZHU Yuling
    7 (7) WU Yang
    8 (8) SEO Hyowon

    9 (10) ISHIKAWA Kasumi
    10 (9) LIU Jia
    11 (11) LI Jiao
    12 (12) YU Mengyu
    13 (13) LEE Ho Ching
    14 (14) HAN Ying ^
    15 (15) PAVLOVICH Viktoria
    16 (17) LI Fen ^

    17 (16) HIRANO Sayaka
    18 (19) SHAN Xiaona ^
    19 (23) SAMARA Elizabeta
    20 (18) HU Limei
    SHEN Yanfei
    21 (22) JEON Jihee ^
    22 (20) RI Myong Sun
    WEN Jia
    23 (21) JIANG Huajun
    24 (24) YANG Haeun
    25 (27) ISHIGAKI Yuka
    26 (25) DOO Hoi Kem
    27 (29) YU Fu ^
    28 (28) SEOK Hajung
    29 (30) NG Wing Nam
    30 (26) HU Melek
    30 (31) HIRANO Miu
    32 (34) MORIZONO Misaki

    Full rankings can be found here.
    In June: Big World Tour events! China, Korean and Japan Open.

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