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Time, practice. Coaching. Hate to say it, that's all there is. It may not be what you want to hear but it's the truth.

Some of the advice that people have given sounds nice (just flick the return like ZJK or FZD) but if you are not good at deciphering what the serve is, you will never succeed with techniques that advanced. One of the first things, is your ready position proper? Make sure you understand the correct way to return a moderately spinny serve (various spins) in which the spin is not hidden. Only then you can learn to not be fooled by the things people do to disguise either the amount or direction of the spin. Know what to do with short serves, long serves, and then, practice figuring which serves are going to come long and which ones stay short---that is, learn to see the trajectory early rather than late. Later you can learn that people can fool you with trajectory and timing just as much as with spin, and can use that to disguise spin. Learn to improve your own serve (because it helps understand how other people mess you up, and one of the best ways to cope with an opponent with good serves is to be able to inflict the same damage yourself).

There no shortcuts or secret ingredients. People don't practice this enough or the right way
. I hear people say, "I would be just as good as this guy if only I could get his serve back". Which means they are not as good as the other guy.
Thanks your advices. I completely agree with you, the best way to improve this skill is time, practice, and coaching. I totally understand the principle of spin in table tennis, and how to cope with each kind of services in theory. I can also serve various spins in many ways. But you know, it is not easy to put into practice in a real match. Maybe I need more time and practice.