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      London Olympics Match Fixing Revealed

      News has been spreading around the table tennis media, with a local television show revealing this information below. What is read below is rewritten articles from many news stations around the world. Many are saying the claim is false, this is how the media has portrayed it below.

      Sina Sports:
      Chinese head coach Liu Guoliang recently appeared on a local television show, he revealed to the viewer’s how he had ordered Wang Hao to lose against Zhang Jike in the Men’s singles final at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

      Despite the 2012 London Olympic Games being the last chance for Wang Hao to become an Olympic champion, Liu Guoliang asked him to lose the match, he explained that he felt Wang Hao is the only player who could withstand losing in the singles and still be on top form for the team event.

      It was this victory that ensured Zhang Jike could complete his Grand Slam title, he was able to defeat Wang Hao in a five set match (18-16, 11-5, 11-6, 10-12, 13-11) becoming the fastest player to ever achieve this. During his recent television appearance Liu Guoliang commented on the order he gave to Wang Hao, he said that he told the player, “Hao you must do well, lose to Zhang Jike for pride. You must adjust this attitude as you Wang Hao have a role”.

      The head coach then went on to explain his actions, “Due to the restructured format of the London Olympics, it was the singles that came first before the team event, and therefore I developed an idea. The player who was to lose in the singles event was sure to then have a difficult time during the team even due to the defeat, I doubted that either Ma Long or Zhang Jike would be able to cope with this and so I would rather have the two-time runner-up Wang Hao do it”.

      Liu Guoliang concluded “Therefore in the finals Wang Hao lost to Zhang Jike, but despite this he was able to play a very solid role in the team event, he paired up with Zhang Jike and got the last point for victory. I feel that Wang Hao is very brave and his selflessness is in fact stronger than his personal motives”.

      Written by: Emily Standing
      Source: TableTennisTa & Sina Sports

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