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      Has this ever happened to You!?

      Nice Ball from my Team mate

      Has this ever happened to you? Quite rare I think.

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      I've had this happen during a practice session once in a game of doubles. I mentioned it on twitter but I'll explain a little better. My doubles partner had a lethal tomahawk serve that some people would struggle with, and the guy receiving the serve had issues all the time, couldn't pick the top or backspin, and would never adjust for the large sidespin. During a point he tried to be aggressive for the serve.....and failed, once again he didn't pick up the sidespin and the ball hit the post. I've moved into position to pick up any return by being in the servers box. well, the ball never made it off the table, it actually hit the post and because of the spin, was able to go to the other side of the table. There was no way for me to sprint around the table and thus he was able to pick up his only point off receiving that serve.

      Of course, being a practice, I did get a lot of banter at me saying I should of had the ball, it was high up and perfect position, so why didn't I get it

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      What is the LP of the guy winning the point ? Never happened to me and I hope will never happen lol.

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      There is something called “beginner luck”, which better explained as

      “number of miracles probability is inversely related to amount of experience of the subject mentioned”

      In short,

      Miracles like this happen more often in casual play between beginners than player games.

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      It happens. It would have been even worse if it hit the metal base of the net construction and went in in a way that was un-returnable. If it hits any part of the net construction, and goes in, it is good. When something like that happens you just have to keep focused and play. You can't worry about things like that happening which have more to do with luck than skill.
      Spin Everything.

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      It has happened to me when the score was 10-10 in the final set... I was really pissed off because my opponent screamed choe after the point...

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