I've used Vega Pro for nearly 3 years and love its blend of speed, spin and control. The overall feel is moderately hard, but not so much where control is sacrificed. It made me feel really confident, and that's what I like in a rubber.

I feel like with the new 40+ ball though, there's less speed and spin. Does anybody know of a rubber that feels similar to Vega Pro but with a bit more speed and spin? I tried Omega IV Pro in past with the celluloid ball, and it was similar but felt a bit harder than Vega Pro with less control. Perhaps the 40+ ball will balance it out?

I'm currently using Sigma II Europe, which is actually fantastic. The overall speed and spin with 40+ ball is about what I'm after, but it's noticeably softer than vega pro, which I don't like as much on my FH.