1. Dan Ives sets another Table Tennis World Record!

    TableTennisDaily's Dan took on the epic challenge of trying to break the World Record for 'most consecutive bounces on a table tennis bat'. He took on the challenge this week to raise money for NHS Staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients. Dan already holds a world record for the...
  2. NOW LIVE: World Record Attempt - Most Consecutive Bounces on a Table Tennis bat

    Hey guys! We're LIVE! I'm going to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive bounces on a table tennis bat. The record currently stands at 5 hours, 2 minutes and 37 seconds. My aim is the break the world record live whilst raising funds and awareness for NHS staff and...
  3. Phone stand to record during lesson or tournaments.

    What do you use to record yourself with. I have been looking for a stand, but not sure what to get. Can someone recommend me a good phone stand to record videos? My price range is anywhere between $10-$70. My phone is Galaxy s7 edge. Thank you.
  4. Camera equipment to record trainings and matches

    Hi everyone I would like to start recording some matches of mine, and some trainings. Just for fun, and also to adjust some mistakes I make. So much easier to see frmo yourself on video. Is there anyone who can recommend what type of camera,...? Not too expensive, just regular quality is fine...
  5. MA LONG SERVE TRAINING - Slow Motion, Short Form, Rare Private Record.

    May the Spin Be With You.
  6. UDA Yukiya Upset APOLONIA Tiago @ BELGIUM OPEN 2017 Private Record

    Belgium Open 2017, nice player, never seen him before and you ?
  7. Ma Long Reflects On Losing First Match In 5 Years!

    On the 14th April the round of 32 at the Asian Championships took place with one notable result in particular which went down as the biggest upset in 2017. The World Number 1, World Champion and Rio Olympic Champion Ma Long lost to Korea's Jeong Sangeun (9-11, 8-11, 11-6, 6-11). This is the...
  8. Fireman hit the ball 116 km/h (kph) - Guinness world record

    On June 4 in Czestochowa during the Polish Amateur Championships in Table Tennis there has been organized an event at which we tried to set the Guinness world record in fastest table tennis ball hit in competition (male). The requirements given by the Guinness World Records seemed to be...
  9. Brand New Andro Kinetic Record OFF blade and Tibhar Evolution MX-S for sale

    Hi everyone! I have a brand new never used Andro Kinetic Record OFF blade for sale with a sheet of 2.0mm Tibhar Evolution MX-S in black attached to the blade. Everything is brand new! I am selling as the blade is just too light for me. The blade weighs approximately 86g. I am based in the UK...
  10. Ping Pong ball speed record

    This guy shoots a ping pong ball over 100 miles per hour: And he references Jay Turberville for the world record for a table tennis player. I wonder if the results would be different with the poly ball.
  11. Daniel And Peter Ives Break The World's Longest Table Tennis Rally!

    On March 23rd 2014, TableTennisDaily's Daniel Ives and father Peter Ives broke the World Record for the Longest Table Tennis Rally! The duo achieved 8 hours, 40 minutes and 10 second breaking the Guinness World Record at the Plumstead Radical Club in London. The attempt was streamed live on...
  12. How to watch TTD World Record attempt Live

    As the live stream isn't showing up directly on the thread for me, I thought I would offer the following help on how to get the live stream going on your device: go to Search for "table tennis" and click on the search result for the record attempt. Ustream iPad and...
  13. Good luck with the world record attempt

    I so hope you do this and hope you raise lots of money for prostate cancer. So proud of you both. Mum X
  14. Paparazzi record Kong Linghui with a lady in his car!

    What do you think of this? Paparazzi have recorded Kong Linghui being intimate with a lady! They follow him until 3am. Watch the video here:
  15. World's Longest Rally Record Broken 2013

    Max Fergus and Luke Logan have just broken the Guinness World Records for the longest ever table tennis rally, not missing a ball for an incredible 8.5 hours! Read more about this epic record here: Think you could break the world record? :)
  16. Guinness World Record attempt/Ping!

    Ping! comes to Northampton this weekend and kicks off with a Guinness World Record attempt. Desmond Douglas will also be in attendance. England international Chris Doran will also be there as will England under 13 no.1 Alex Ramsden and Bhavika Mistry (ranked no.4 in the girls under 13...
  17. New World Record - Most Participants in a Tabletennisrally

    Last weekend, on saturday 3rd of March Marijn Wassink (middle, blue shirt) from the Netherlands did a world record attempt for the most participants in a single rally. The old record was held by Timo Boll and 100 Chinese kids, so 101 players in total. Marijn beat Timo Boll (hehe) and raised...
  18. Zhang Jike stops Ma Long's win streak as he is crowned the Slovenian Open 2012 Champion! (VIDEO)

    Zhang Jike stops Ma Long's win streak as he is crowned the Slovenian Open 2012 Champion! Zhang Jike wins the Slovenian Open World Tour on the 29th Januaryy 2012. Zhang Jike defeated compatriot and World number 1 Ma Long in a seven set thriller! Many people argued in our chat stream on which...
  19. World Record Attempt - Take Part!

    Ok TableTennisDaily members! Heres your chance to take part in a World Record Table Tennis Event! PARTICIPATE IN A GUINNESS WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT – MOST PLAYERS TO PARTICIPATE IN A SINGLE RALLY – OCTOBER 24TH – RICHMIX, SHOREDITCH, LONDON Pongathon a new Table Tennis events concept is going...