11 Curious Facts about Zhang Jike!

says bebakhshid.
says bebakhshid.
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Jun 2012
1. Zhang Jike was high jump champion. At the age of 10, when he had already begun to practise table tennis, he was invited to practise high jump and won the District Games three months later. He also won the Qingdai Primary School Games.

2. He was named after the famous Brazilian football player Zico. His father Zhang Chuanming is a big football fan and wanted Zhang Jike to become a professional player but he realized that his son had no future in football.

3. Liu Shiwen was his girlfriend. Zhang Jike and Liu Shiwen had a relationship during their teenage years. Nowadays, it is rumoured that he has a relationship with Ding Ning, but both have said that they are only good friends.

4. Zhang Jike won the first ever World Cadet Challenge. He competed for China in the first World Cadet Challenge held in Tiszaujvaros, Hungary in 2002. On that occasion, Li Hu, Jiang Tianyi and Tang Yushi were his team mates.

5. He was downgraded to the provincial team. In 2002 Zhang Jike enters the national team and got some important victories, but he was betrayed by his temper and sent back by Liu Guoliang to the provincial team Shandong Luneng in 2004. In 2006 he was allowed to go back to the national team.

6. During his years in the provincial team, Zhang Jike was always seen wearing a baseball cap. You can ask: why is this curious? The curious thing is reason why he was wearing the cap: to hide himself from the humiliation.

7. During his childhood years of training with his father, Zhang Jike ran back home, while his father riding a motorcycle. Now we know how he got his physical strength.

8. Zhang Jike's father was probably the only person in the world who didn't like watching his son ripping his T-shirt off after winning the 2011 World Championships held in Rotterdam. Mr. Zhang Chuanming said: "Silly child. I was thinking of hanging those jerseys at home!"


His favorite place in the world is Switzerland
, not for its delicious chocolate or its beautiful landscapes, but for its fine watches.

10. His favorite food is the tomato egg noodle of his mother and bitter melon with fried eggs.

11. His hobbies are driving, singing and shopping.

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