2 Point FH - footwork

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Sep 2013
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I wasn't planning on uploading this video, but after 2nd thought, I thought this is a very good video to show you footwork movement between 2 areas on the table (2 point forehand).

One very important aspect is on the wider balls, see her extra step (or half step) after the shot (if on the far fh side, it is her right foot, on the bh side, it is her left foot). That is very important!!

That step is to continue the weight transfer, over your "reach". So you don't over extend yourself.
That extra step will also make you recover faster. If you extend your reach, you will be unbalance and impossible to recover properly.

And with very good balance, you can see she is able to generate a good cross over step on the far/wider FH, where her normal side step doesn't reach.
These steps are unplanned for, its all built into muscle memory and automatically adjusted to the incoming ball.

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