2024 International Lüleburgaz Summer TT Camp

A wonderful camp and tournament awaits talented young rackets in Lüleburgaz, our country's gateway to Europe, on 29 July - 04 August 2024.

We are waiting for the talents of the future at the 2024 Lüleburgaz U-18 International Summer Table Tennis Camp and Tournament, where foreign athletes and coaches will also take part, in our hall that complies with international standards and has hosted the Table Tennis National Team camp and many Championships, accompanied by Aleksey Yefremov, one of the most qualified coaches in Europe.

In this camp, which will be full of unforgettable memories, a wonderful city tour will also be held and souvenir t-shirts will be given as gifts to all participants.
Please message me if you want to take your place at this wonderful camp. You can see all the details in the attachment. 😊🏓 You can also check our former camps here , too.


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