3 star 40+

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4 out of 5 rating for 3 star 40+

We bought these balls to use for the season just past 2015/16. Only trouble we felt they were much better and quicker than any others at the time and put us at a disadvantage when playing away matches, everyone else opted for the xushafoa 3 star so we followed. These turn out to be very durable also but since using the tibhar 3 star for practice this summer I think they play very much like an older celluloid ball, well closer than many other poly balls I have tried. They seem to stay round even after a few sessions which others don't (other poly balls mght not break but I think their shape gets gradually worse) and they don't darken in colour as fast as other poly balls either. The bounce is true and accurate with only a couple of real noticeable 'funny' bounces from heavy loops and chops. Back to durability though and we have yet to break any and after some epic big loops and hitting the edge of the blade they don't seem to shatter in two pieces either. They don't discolour which others do fast and play really nice. Would recommend any one to give them a go, I think they play quite nice compared. Quite similar to the Butterfly G40 but without the horrible sound I think.
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5 out of 5 rating for 3 star 40+

To date, this is the most durable seamed ball that I've used in comparison to the rest of the seamed polyball offerings from other brands. Though the Seamless version of this is definitely better... Consistency from ball to ball is also very good. My only qualm in regards to this ball, is that it has this chalky feel on the ball when new, I don't recall this being the case with most other balls. All in all good, imho best seamed polyball in the market.