A collection of street Table Tennis videos from around the World

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Oct 2021
Playing Table Tennis in the streets you find every level of the game, all the way to the top when the pros come down for fun. But you find every type of person too. In the city, where we live hundreds of thousands per square mile, the people you play on the street could be anyone. Street tables bring people together from every walk of life, you get to meet people and make friends outside of what you know.

To celebrate urban Table Tennis communities, here is a collection of videos from around the World. In these videos you can see the joy of playing Table Tennis, making new friends and great memories. These videos are grouped in three categories 1. Community Videos 2. Matches and Points 3. Social Channels

1. Street Table Tennis Community Videos

The Tables
Documentary style. A portrait of the community and players of Bryant Park in New York, USA. An award-winning video featuring powerful interviews that recognises the importance of The Tables to the players that go there.

United by Table Tennis
Montage style. A beautiful video that captures subtle moments on and off the table from the players at Granary Square in Kings Cross, London, UK. The cinematography is very good and the video shows the warmth of both filmmaker and community.

Street Table Tennis – Klingelpütz

Montage style. Full of smiles and goods vibes, the video documents a community tournament in Klingelpütz, Cologne, Germany. Besides the heartening content, it is well crafted with drone footage, skilful camera operation and great music.

Mabley Green Street Table Tennis

Montage style. An adrenalin fuelled introduction to Mabley Green in Hackney, London, UK. Featuring talented players, urban vistas and break dancing, this video was made using cameras attached to the players to put the viewer down the barrel of forehand loop.

Street Ping Pong, Oslo Norway

Montage style. A deeply positive video of a community tournament in Oslo, Norway. The reactions of the players and the spectators is a lovely thing to witness and there is enjoyment and happiness everywhere.

ALL STARS GALA - 3rd Edition

Montage style. Made with love by its creators, this video captures the essence of street tournaments and the wonderful community of the ALL STARS GALA in Barcelona, Spain. The enthusiasm of all involved makes the viewer want to be at the next edition.

Ping! - KX

Documentary style. Ping! England brings the viewer into the world of the original KX players at Granary Square, Kings Cross, London, UK. Featuring many of the players from Uniting Table Tennis, there are interesting interviews in an amazing location.

Urban Table Tennis in London

Documentary style. This ITTF supported video focuses on the street players of London Fields Table Tennis Association, London, UK. Starting with the quote from Archie that says it all “It’s amazing how a lump of concrete can bring so many people together isn’t it?

2. Street Table Tennis Matches and Points

Go to Table Tennis Temple for quality videos of showdowns from advanced level players in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin Street Table Tennis, Anti Spin VS Offensive

Berliner Street Table Tennis Tournament@BohimischerPlatz

Berlin Street Table Tennis


Check out Stiga’s Street King Table Tennis 2021 Championship in China.

"Street table tennis" in China

"Street Fighter" table tennis in China

Stiga 2021 "Street Fighter" Final Round

From the 2021 street tournaments from StreetTT, the global street Table Tennis game, take a look at the city highlights videos.

Highlights '21 London Street Table Tennis Tournament Final

200 SHOTS '21 London Street Table Tennis Tournament Final

Highlights Barcelona Fall Street Table Tennis Tournament Final 2021

Anyone can record their own matches. This one-off street Table Tennis video from
Николай Юхнов shows off some good points with a comedic introduction from a viral celebrity.

ИГРАЕМ В НАСТОЛЬНЫЙ ТЕННИС НА УЛИЦЕ / We play table tennis on the street

3. Street Table Tennis Social Channels

→ Argentina

Bar PingPong, Buenos Aires

→ Ethiopia

Ping Pong Ethiopia

→ England

Granary Square Table Tennis, London

WSC Table Tennis Community, London

→ Germany

Street Table Tennis, Cologne, Germany

Plattentanz. Hannover

Delfin TT Gang, Hannover

→ Iran

Jahrom Ping Pong

→ Kenya

City Table Tennis, Nairobi

→ Norway

Ping Pong Oslo, Oslo

→ Russia

TT Profun, Ufa

→ Spain

Tenis de Mesa Madrid, Madrid

→ Switzerland

Sook Shin Ping Pong, Basel

→ Uganda

Slum Ping Pong Org

→ Worldwide


What is missing? Please let me know in the comments all the videos and social channels you would like to add, including your own and I will update the list. And if you are newly inspired to make a street Table Tennis video or social channel, put your new videos/channels in the comments so I can add these too.
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Nov 2017
The Anti Player is playing only in berlin church league. He never played regular league and never played with real grippy rubbers. I think he plays Neubauer grizzlys both sides. „Quadri“ is playing high positive in a medium high berlin league.
says Tenergy! I'm coming back to you baby!
I just realised that Street TT culture is non-existence in my country.

One can only play TT in a club / association / TT academy or in school.

If it is in a club: It is usually sort of by the way we have TT tables stored in the storage room. Go help yourself bub.

If it is in a association: It is usually run by a group of like minded player and they are made up of former serious players. Levels can be relatively high and is intimidating to newbies. Newbies will tend to avoid these association. Many senior players congregate here and this is also the place where one will see all sorts of junk social rubbers ( antis / long / short / mid / modified pips ). It is also here one will see a lot of illegal creative serves.

If it is in an academy: It is usually opened by former pro players. They will provide coaching and train U11 / 15 / 19 / Youth players for competitive play.

No TT in public space / park / street etc.

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