A wonderful ball appreciation:Malong unlocked full firepower

says [IMG]
says [IMG]
Jun 2016
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hey guys,I'm new here,and I feel happy to join you.

I love table tennis,and I always like to analyze the gaming videos,so I made some videos to share with you.It's techniques about the profesional player's competition,and I slow the key moment down,so you can see the movement clearly,enjoy my movie,thanks a lot

a wonderful ball appreciation :
Liushiwen smashed 10 times in a round,and got one point with an owesome performance
actually Liushiwen won this final
Liushiwen vs Zhuyiling 2014 Incheon Asian Games women Championshipt finals

Watch the professional players' competition videos everyday,and copy from it,level your skill up !
welcome to follow TTC youtube chanel

A candidate ball of annual round:a 23 beat owesome round

AiFukuhara vs Liushiwen CHN vs JPN

ultra reaction speed,amazing shot,wonderful power

Liushiwen the one who won't let the champion go

If you like table tennis?you should not miss this video

watch the professional player's video everyday,and develop your level of skill

a long-distance service from World ranking No.1 player Malong.
Malong here would teach you how to raid a long-distance serving ball.
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