Acoustic Carbon

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5 out of 5 rating for Acoustic Carbon

I played with this blade for about 3 months. I tried with Omega IV Asia, FastArc G-1 and S-1.

I wouldnt compare this blade to Acoustic but to Tenor. This blade is very stiff with long dwell. Its hardness is something like Tenor on low and medium gear, on power loops and counters it felt too soft, even with Omega IV Asia.

Close and middle distance from the table this is the best blade i ever had (when paired with G-1). It does everything with control and speed.
Far from the table, despite being able to impact huge spins i felt a loss of control, consistency wasnt there. And my game is basically consistency. I dont have footwork, tons of speed of spin, but i always throw the ball back to the court.
Maybe if you pair this blade with less bouncy and harder rubbers like Omega V Tour and Asia, Hurricane or MX-S you can gain control away from table.
Now, the best experience i had with this blade was with short pips. I assembled Rakza PO and Fastarc S-1 and tried to stay very close to the table. Its just awesome. Could hit everything and even consistent topspin with pips due its softness. Highly recommended Short Pips blade.

In short:
High Speed like TBALC, more than Viscaria, Tenor, Ludeack Fleet.
Awesome control just like Acoustic.
Good spin. Its very stiff and you have to be right on time to impact huge spins close to table. Medium/Long distance its a monster.
Outstanding feeling. Felt like an allwood blade. Could only feel the carbon when i smashed. Short game is so precise.
Medium Throw. I had to put some effort to lift spinny counter loops.
Medium Trajectory.
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Sep 2016
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5 out of 5 rating for Acoustic Carbon

I think is one of the best blades that i used in my career. Have a lot of speed and control in the same time..

I think it's very good!
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