Acuda P1

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Apr 2013
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4 out of 5 rating for Acuda P1

I have just tested a new Acuda p1 blue rubber on my fh with my Michael Maze blade and I have to say that I have a bit mixed feels about it.It´s not a rocket but with correct stroke it is fast enough. It´spinny but not over sensitive to incoming spin. Here are my observations.

Acuda p1 has very grippy and softish top sheet. Grippyness with hard sponge makes this rubber really good for serving. It´s easy to get lots of spin to my short serves and fast serves are controllable. Serving is really one of the areas where Acuda p1 really shines!

Opening from underspin:
Acuda p1 has a lowish throw so I had to execute my opening loops from heavy under spin with thicker contact than my JP02 which has been my fh rubber for last year. If I wanted brush loop the ball I had to lift the ball really heavily and when I did that the ball was loaded with spin. However brush looping with this rubber requires really good contact to ball and it was not easy to execute if I was out of position.

Loop and drives:
Acuda p1 has a harder sponge than my normal rubber and I felt that I needed to loop and drive with thicker contact than with JP02. Loops and drives were very accurate with low arc. Looping from middle distance required quite heavy racket movement upwards due to low throw of Ap1.

Counter looping:
Counter looping if the bounce is the best thing of Acuda p1. If I was in good position for counter attack of the bounce my counter loops were really secured and precise. Out of position I still felt quite comfortable and was able to get most of the counter loops to the table. When I stepped couple meters of the table situation became very different. I wasn´t able to get good contact to the ball and the rubber felt really unstable. I think that might be because I haven´t use a rubber this hard before. But anyway this was a major thing that made me stick to JP02 for next season.

Acuda p1 is not really sensitive to incoming spin in blocking so I think that blocking with Ap1 was really easy.

Service return and short game:
As mentioned earlier the Acuda p1 has really grippy top sheet and this really shows in service returns. If I read the spin correctly I was able to execute an excellent return. If I miss read the spin... well the outcome wasn´t really that good. In short game Ap1 worked great for me. It was easy to keep the ball short and equally easy toput lots of spin to the ball. I don´t really do flipping on my fh sono comment in this section.

If you like to play aggressive topspin game near to table and your footwork keeps you in good position most of the time Acuda p1 could be THE rubber for you. It´s not the easiest rubber to play with but it rewards your good shots.
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5 out of 5 rating for Acuda P1

I've tried Donic Acuda Blue P1 Black sheet and the summary are like these:

Top sheet :
Good and grippy topsheet, not tacky at all.

Sponge :
Hard and bouncy, but not as hard as Bluefire M2.

Serving :
Serving is good. I found my serve is more spinny, but you need to do a soft brushing stroke to make it spinny due to its hard sponge.

Blocking :
Good blocking, doesn't need too much effort. But you need a really softhand to make it controlable

Topspin :
I think this rubber really excel in this part. I can do a heavy & fast topspin with less effort.

Looping :
It's really easy to lift a backspin ball. But it has a quiet low-throw

Counter-topspin :
Quiet hard. I need to do a really fast vertical topspin stroke, The ball don't dwell so long on the rubber due to its hard sponge characteristics.

Pushing :
Quiet hard. I need to soften my hand so much. Required a lot of touch to do a short push. Plus i also need to widely open my bat angle to return a backspin serve.
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4 out of 5 rating for Acuda P1

I tested this rubber in the bh of a viscaria with the M1 in the fh to see the differences and later I changed, being a more recent rubber hoped to be better ...

In Fh the rubber feels controllable, very fast but less than M1, there was more control, but I still prefer M1
In terms of blocks the rubber felt firm but less than the M1
It is more spinny than M1 but has less speed, is less spinny than baracuda but faster, so if someone looks for a rubber for fh faster than baracuda I recommend ..
In Bh the rubber felt firmer! The blocks come out better, it's really a great rubber for Bh, But I still prefer M1...