Advance player multiple blade review

says Not for sale, I liked it actually
says Not for sale, I liked it actually
May 2018
Me: rating 212x ~ 216x mid 2100 player

Boosted h3: h3 that's boosted and within 1~2 weeks
After boost h3: H3 that was boosted but over 3+ weeks old. It lacks the kick like it use to but the rubber was permanently soften due to booster and use. Still very playable
Tried 2: it means I tried 2 of the blade from different players

FH rubber: h3
BH: dignics 05

I tried multiple same blades for this review and it seems BTY is very consistent on blade production. A viscaria will play like viscaria while a TBS will play like TBS. I can easily tell which blade I am using (assuming i'm using same rubbers) in a blind test.

Viscaria: (tried 3 blades)
- The softest of the bunch
- The ball land shorter on the table
- Weak blade to be honest
- Good with new rubbers because the new/newly boosted rubber have that extra "hmph" so even if the blade is slow the ball is going to land far on the table and it provide some sort of safety. E.g boosted h3, boosted 09c, T05 (no need boost this one).
- Can do a little bit of everything, short push, blocking, looping etc... but doens't excel on any particular point.

Summary: I don' recommend especially it's 180usd. I can't imagine anyone other than pro change rubbers every 2~3 weeks. It's very likely you will be using a used and after boost rubber and viscaria just lacks power in general. It does however keep the ball on the table easier.

Viscaria gold: (tried 3)
- Same as above but it has a little bit more power, more playable away from the table. If you have the money then go for it.

Timoboll spirit: (tried 2)
- Same thing as viscaria but stiffer and doesn't flex as well much. It lacks power as well.
- Short and long push is better than viscaria but away from the table it doesn't flex and it lacks curve.
- Very weak at smashing and the ball will weirdly go down the net.

Timoboll alc: (tried 3)
- Good power, very fast. It can produced "winner" top spin shots
- Of the BTY blades above TB alc i prefer the most. The knock I have on this blade is it comes rather "light". The racket weight can easily be 175 ~ 180g which will cause it to lack power. Ball will weirdly go down the net in that weight. If somehow you get the racket total weight to 185g it would be good to go.
- The second bounce lack spin as well
- Due to the blade being super fast, looping with backspin with H3 doesn't have the best quality. If i don't keep the ball low or somehow flick my wrist to give some speed to it, i find myself getting counter more often than not.
- Circle back to the pervious point, shots are fast but it lack spin. My opponent find it easy to block my shots as long as their paddle is there.

Hl5: (tried 3)
- blade is like a whip with lots of power
- However, the handle is thin and there's this weird "vibration" which I do not like
- blocking isn't fun, sometimes it will weirdly go down the net compare to the outer carbon blades listed above.
- the blade size is rather big, so the racket will end up head heavy.
- ball land far end of the table
- Difficult to do close table counter, find my shots overshoot very often
- FH to BH or BH to FH transition is rather hard cuz of racket total weight and being head heavy. Found myself getting tried blocking for my partner for an hour just by holding the blade.
- BH dignics feels very weird. The ball will weirdly overshoots from the weird vibration. I do not recommend dignics 05 on hl5. Tenergy series feels okay.

W968 provincial: (tried 1)
- Same con as above but the blade handle is bigger and this somehow cause the weird vibration to go away which I like.
- pairing with dignics 05 BH become a little bit more playable because the lost of weird vibration

w968 national: (tried 3)
- Same as provincial but it has more "power". I can shoot rockets all day but the cons is the same as hl5.
- blocking isn't fun sometimes it will weird go down the net
- There's a minimum strength to activate the paddle. It takes effort to play, sometimes out of position the ball will weirdly go down the net.

Yinhe Ri jong sik (tried 1)
- This blade is wonders, it has power, it has feel. This blade is a hidden gem best blade i've tried thus far.
- push is super deadly (low and spinny)
- loops are super deadly
- It gives power without much effort
- When i do give effort on my shots it will curve down and provide safety.
- Somehow no matter what I do the ball does land on the other side of the table which is awesome.
- Only downside is I find my BH passive block sometimes overshoots but when I counter it will land on the table with curve.
- It has a high throw compare to all the blades above but when you consciously spin it, the ball will curve down and land.

That's all /peace
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