Advice needed for a new racket setup

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Hey Everyone!!

I have been playing TT on and off for the last 20 yrs; in the past few months I have joined a club and now play more regularly. My Current Setup is:

FH - Yasaka Rakza 9 2.1mm
BH - Yasaka Rakza 7 soft 2.1mm
Blade - Donic Ovtcharov Carbonspeed

I am 38 years olds and my playing style is offensive; however given the age i am not that agile around the around so I try to close the points as soon as possible. I have a good forehand and backhand topspin.

I am looking for more spin and a faster setup. I am thinking of going for :

FH - Stiga Calibra LT Plus
BH - Andro Rasant Grip
Blade - Stiga Carbonado 45

I would appreciate feedback on the same and/or recommendations for alternative setup

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Oct 2014
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When you want more spin and speed with shorter strokes. and you loop on both sides, there is only one answer - Tenergy 05.

Of course, it is not a cheap answer - so people do the Evolutions, Bluefires, Rasants etc.

What you have chosen is good - a bit too long trajectory and low throw for me but good. Have fun with it.
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says Spin and more spin.
says Spin and more spin.
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I agree Tenergy is a bit heavy on the pocket. The reviews which I have seen have placed the Stiga Calibra to be faster than the rubbers you have mentioned.

Calibra = Fast

Calibra = LOW THROW, very low throw, like lower than granny's lowest dresses

Calibra also = not so much spin

Calibra works best for if you are Long Distance and going between lobbing and counterlooping far from the table. If that is your game, that is your rubber. Otherwise, be prepared to need a forklift for looping backspin. Calibra topsheet grabs slightly better than antispin. Once you are really using the sponge you can get good spin. But not from brushing with mostly topsheet.

If you want more speed and more spin than your current setup, Tenergy is the most intelligent choice out there. Anything else and you can either increase the speed or equal the spin, but not both. Not over Tenergy.

In general, faster = less spin and less control.

What makes you want a Carbonado? And my money says that Carbondo is not as fast as the Ovtcharov Carbonspeed. Think about a Primrac Carbon, Schlager Carbon, a Garaydia T5000, or Garadia ZLC or something in that category if you want a really fast blade that is manageable. Even though, Carbonado may be a better choice because it is not really that fast.

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What makes you want a Carbonado?

To be honest, it was a good blade for the Calibra.

From what you say, I don't think Calibra is for me.

My first rubber was the Mark V and then I moved on to the Rakzas..

I don't want a setup that Will compromise my backhand attacking game.

However, more I research on this forum and read other reviews. I think the best setup for me would be

FH - Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo
BH - Andro Rasant Power Grip
Blade - Andro Treiber Z or Adidas Radix Express

I have tried a T05 and it was a bit difficult to adjust My game to it. .. maybe once I get a little more practice then surely

In short , I want something better than the rakza setup I have. .. and something that Will be a good stepping stone to a Tenergy racket
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I can recommend the rasant powergrip. I use it in my forehand but I am going to buy one for my backhand too in the near future. It suits my style perfectly, I always attack/loop from very close to the table. Be aware that its not an easy rubber, it is very hard and has a low throw so some adjustment is needed when you topspin. I use it on a soft flexible blade. I dont know if it works just as well on a stiff blade.
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You might have a look at Dan's review of The Rasant Power Grip.

my comment from The thread

Originally Posted by General_Specific
Between Rasant Turbo and Powergrip, what are the differences? Is there a difference in sponge hardness? Which do you prefer?

Hi GS. Rasant Turbo 47.5deg,Rasant Power Grip 50deg, Rasant 45deg, Rasant Grip 45deg, Rasant Power Sponge 40deg

Between those to rubbers you mention the hardness and topsheet are different. Rasant and Rasant Grip the sponge is the same but they have different topsheet.
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Spin and speed with rakza are comparable to other great rubbers. If looking for a faster and spinnier setup in rubber, mx-p el-p or a tenergy may be the only way to go.

Remember if you get a faster blade, you'll likely have less spin. A faster blade is generally more stiff and hard. The ball wont sink in as much and the blade wont flex as much.
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Feb 2016
IMO, one doesn't need a blade that's any faster than a TB ALC or TBS. So here's my recommendation:

Blade - Treiber K or Donic Baum Esprit or Stradivarius

If you're willing to buy a TBS or a Michael Maze perhaps, I would recommend to go straight to it. It feels excellent for looping but ofc the short game will suffer a little bit.

FH - Tenergy 05 or Rakza 7 or MX-P

I've been trying rubbers around and I keep myself going back to T05 for my FH rubber. It simply feels way too good. However, Rakza 7 is also a very good rubber. Not as fast nor as spinny as tenergy but the playing characteristic isn't all that different. MX-P ofc is faster than the other two but it's also the hardest one.

BH - Omega V series or Rasant or Rakza or Bluefire (or any popular tensors really)

There are plenty of great rubbers that you can use for BH. I assume like a lot of people, your BH isn't as active as the FH