After a long hiatus, now want to get active in this website.

Dear all honorable players,

It has been a while since I used this website. I was first hooked into TTD when I studied in Southampton back in 2012 which around the time TTD Youtube was created.
Due to my passion to table tennis, I loved watching all the equipment's review on the youtube channel.
Then I joined the forum website and back then when Dan and Tom made a poll for the tshirt design, I'm proud that I contributed to our earliest tshirt design and bought 2 pieces, red and blue, which I always use whenever I play up till now.
However, life gets busier, and after graduation and getting hectic with work, I haven't regularly checked the forum website. However, now I plan to get back into it and actively join and communicate to all players out there.
Nice meeting you!😄
Feel free to be friend with me, and it only costs you none.


#Later on, I also plan to update my journey of changing setup and reviewing my current setup.