Ai Fukuhara reached the semi final of the Volkswagon Cup 2011 last week and said she will donate all her prize money of $12,500 equipvelent to 1,000,000 yen.

Ai the star of Japan who was born in Sendai the city where the recent catastrophe of the tsunami struck due to the earthquakes had hit her home city.


In an interview Ai Fukuhara had this to say, "I could not believe that it was Japan from the images I saw on the news”, she said. “I played the matches determining to donate the prize money; therefore I could not waste any single stroke.” (

Ai's donation will go towards a truck load of food that will be delivered to Sendai.

The Kyodo Newspaper reports on Friday 25th March 2011

Ai Fukuhara originally from Sendai supports earthquake affected areas, “I will do all I can”

Ai Fukuhara (22, ANA), tt player representing Japan, originally from Sendai, which was affected by the earthquake, returned from China on 25th March for the first time after the earthquake/tsunami.

She expressed her determination to support the victims with funds and relief goods. At the Narita Airport she said she would help as much as possible, as a person originally from Sendai

On the 11th March when the earthquake happened she was having a training session in Guangzhou and watched the Japanese disaster on TV.

“Many houses were washed away by Tsunami, which I could not believe nor want to believe”, she was in tears.

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says I began a table tennis at the college that I teach and...
says I began a table tennis at the college that I teach and...
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