All wood ALL+, OFF- blades

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Jun 2013
The best one for me is Avalox bt777, which is a 7-ply. I would rate it somewhere between OFF- to OFF though. But it's the most balanced blade I've tried. Not too fast and not too slow for me. Not too stiff and not too flexible. You can use soft and hard rubbers with it. Mine weighs around 87 g.

Try Stiga Allround Evolution if you want a slower blade. It's great for looping and spinning. A heavy One (90 g and above) Will be between all+ and off-. Probably a bit too mushy with soft rubbers.

Something in between those 2 could be TSP SWAT. Its behavior is closest to that of Allround Evolution though, due to being same thickness. But because it's 7-ply it's a bit more direct. But when looping the throw will get a bit higher due to the flex.

All 3 has limba outer and all-ayous inners.

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Oct 2014
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I think with the new plastic ball, OFF- is now ALL+ and many OFF are now what OFF- used to be. Only use an old ALL+ if you are too used to it or you don't play topspin offense as a priority. Tacky or spinnier rubbers can slow the blade down.

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Nov 2019
I've used the Tibhar Lebesson and Xiom Offensive S. Both excellent blades and really good value for money.
I would place the Lebesson at ALL+ and the Xiom Offensive S at Off-.

Tibhar Samsonov Alpha if the handle of the Lebesson doesn't fit (it is quite long and thin). Both have the same construction afaik. Another choice could be the Donic Persson Powerplay. Stiffer, faster, Off-