Allan Bentsen Interview - Professional Player (World Rank 38)


says editing a big TTD Team episode... stay tuned 👀


says editing a big TTD Team episode... stay tuned 👀
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TableTennisDaily exclusive interview with professional! (Hours to make, seconds to comment :)

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Full Name: Allan Bentsen

Age: 42

Date Of Birth: 21.08.68

Height: 181 cm

Club represented: Roskilde Bordtennis, BTK61

Highest World Ranking: 38

Blade: Wood Rosewood
BH Rubber: Stiga Calibra
FH Rubber: Stiga Calibra

Your career

How long have you been playing table tennis for, when did you start?
When I was 11 year old

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?
Two Swedish Coaches, Mikalæe Andersson and Peter Sartz

BollForte94 from table tennis daily wants to know what do you practice the most. Do you have a certain training rechime each week or does it alter?
My foot work and forehand I practice often, because this the places I feel I win the most points and its my strongest weapon.

Do you serve practice often?
Yes, when I was younger a lot, and now 3-4 times per week, about 15 minutes every time.

Your a very successful international star now, what do you feel was your biggest achievement to date?
When we won the Europeans Team Championship, and I played the deciding match to our 3-2 win.

Ok, maybe you don't like looking back to this but what was your biggest low in your career?
When I didn´t qualified for Olympic in Sydney, 2000

Are you looking forward to the 2012 Olympics?
For sure, but I have to make it there, and it can be difficult.

TerIphik - Hi, I would like to know if the material (rubbers and blades) of professional players is the same to the same material as we (nonprofessional) buy in table tennis shops?
I think it is, but of course I don´t know for all. I Think the thing is, that we always get it in the same conditions, weight, thickness from the companies. This means we know how our rubbers are going to perform and don’t have to adapt to much.

Justchill - Hi Allan, What are the most important TT exercises for becoming a good player?
It depends, but footwork exercises are very important as you are in the correct position for all the balls.

Do you use booster to enhance your rubber?
Some times.

lesliefrancs - HI, Is pursuing a life towards TT worth the rewards? and does playing TT full time effect your personal life?
I think I got a lot of rewards, so for me it has been ok. Do what you like and could earn money is not bad . My wife has also been table tennis player on high level, so she understand a lot, that makes it a lot easier.

Do you run every day?
No…. You have to be in good shape, but it doesn’t mean you have to run every day.

GecaPhoenix - What are your views on the chinese dominniance at the moment, Why are they so good do you believe.
I think that it will continue to be in that way, but difficult to do something against this. They have 10 million table tennis players, so they can always find good players.

Leankints wants to know do you train on the mental aspects of the game. Do you find this side of the game is just as important as the technical parts?
For sure the mental part is important in TT, and for some they need help and for others they do It alone. I have tried it and It works ok for me.

DaveCochrane - Hi, I would like to know what you want to do when your playing days are over, will you stay working in table tennis such as coaching etc. I
I am right now working as Sports Director for my club, and I think I will continue in this way, and if possible in TT.

forestloves - HI, would you rather Win the World Championships, or win a silver in the Olympic Games?
You remember the winners, so Gold in WC.

topgunwow - Hi, are you happy about the speed glue ban, has it had an effect on your game?
In the beginning I was not happy, but with all the news possibilities I think it had been solved quite ok.

allan ben photo by
Photo by:

I remember watching you play live against Chen Weixing (infact theres your celebration above) when you and the Danish Team won team gold at the European Championships in Arhaus 2005. What was the feeling, can you describe this?
I had such a good feeling!!! , before the game I was warming up beside Chen, and I could see in his body language that he didn´t want to play the last game…. So I felt even stronger there. I had just beat him one month before in the Champions League and this gave me the incentive and confidence to go out there an give my all and we ended up winning!.

We at Table Tennis Daily are fond of also your team mate Michael Maze. What’s he like to practice with?
He is a good friend, and can so many things with the ball. Some many years ago he use to learn from me but it has now changed and I try to learn from him ha.

Allan in action!

Off the topic questions

Whos the most famous person you know through table tennis?
Many Danish sport stars

Whos your favourite sportsmen of all time?
Michael Laudrup a Danish football player.

Favourite film?
Films with a true story behind I like to watch.

What car do you drive?
Honda FRV

Whats your favouirte music?
Bruce Springsteen

What do you do in your spare time other then table tennis?
Play a little bit of poker, and take care of my family.

Do you eat well or eat junk good?
I think I eat well, but sometimes junk food is ok also.


Your team mates

Whos the funniest player in the trianing hall?
Michael Maze

Whos trains the hardest in the training hall?
Morten Hyrup, a young star 

Who has the best nickname?
Christian Konsgaard, it is Mr. Bean ( on danish BØNNE)

And Lastly

And lastly Allan, thanks very much for your kindness in taking part in this interview for all the members of the Table Tennis Daily forum and guests to learn and know more about the life of a professional player.

Would you like to add one last tip, or an inspirational message to us all?
I think to focus on your strengths and use them to your full advantage and to also try to work on your weaknesses and bringing them to your strengths! Have fun.


Good luck in your next competition


Table Tennis Daily Staff and forum

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A question

Hi my name is Diego and I play table table tennis in Madrid. I'd like to know in which moment,and in which conditions, an standard player decide that he wants to dedicate his life and his effort to become a profesional table tennis player. Of course you have to be good enough, but sports are very unfair and there are lots of players who tryed to be in the top during lot of years and they aren't supported, they don't have an oportunity. Maybe you have to be a little bit lucky to find someone that helps you from the beginning... Thanks.

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Dan, while at the the Open, maybe you could try and do video interviews. To get the experience, you could practise with your Dad.