Alternative to Donic Burn Offensive?

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Apr 2023

I started to play after a while. Since I don't have my old blade anymore, I got myself a Donic Burn Offensive Blade locally and played with it. After some time I feel that it lacks feeling and feedback. It feels very stiff although I like the Speed. But in the short/short game it just lacks control and I'm missing the feeling of the blade. That's why I'm looking for an alternative. I have tried Stiga Allround classic because I thought Donic Burn Off might be too fast for me, so I shall get an All blade as a start. But I found it too slow then and it had on the other hand too much vibration.

I searched online and read about ALC Blade and Butterfly replicas like Yinhe V14 Pro and Yinhe Pro 01. I have the v14 pro in sight because it's cheaper than pro 01. Would you recommend me to change to ALC blades and give it a try? Although they are ALC Blade, not for beginners, but honestly I don't believe they might be more stiff and provide less control than the Donic Burn Off. But I might be wrong so I thought I rather ask online instead of investing in Blades I might not use. Any Experiences? Thanks!
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Nov 2022
Were you the guy on reddit I tried to convince not to get a Donic Burn about 4-6 months ago?

Anyway, go for a OFF- all wood. Skip the thin 5 ply blades like Stiga Classic and go for either thicker 5 ply blades (6.0mm+) like Tibhar Stratus Powerwood or Xiom Offensive S, or get a thinner 7 ply blade (6.0mm to 6.4mm) like Sanwei Fextra 7, Yinhe U2, Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro (blue, not black), DHS PG-7, or Nittaku Ludeack. You can move your Mark V on the new blade and slowly move up to faster rubbers. Stiga Allround Classic is one of the slowest blades you can buy.

Also, you're a self-admitted beginner. Just stop reading about or considering anything with carbon.