Amazing exhibition point by Boll and Persson!

says Waldner Masterclass out now! 🏓
says Waldner Masterclass out now! 🏓
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Oct 2010
Jorgen Persson is famous for his stunning exhibitions with the great Jan Ove Waldner! This time around however Persson and Timo Boll took part in an extraordinary, funny point in the FM Munzer Super Cup in Lingen.

Timo Boll moves the table at one point! Watch the spectacular point below! Timo Boll and Jorgen Persson would make very good exhibitions we think.

Timo Boll is currently at the China Open this week. Be sure to follow all the action!

You can watch an exhibiton between Jan Ove Waldner and Jorgen Persson recorded by TableTennisDaily here.