Amazon "Prime-Day" Sale on Tables

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Apr 2018
I just wanted to give you all a heads up that there are a few table tennis tables listed for 20% off during the current Amazon Prime Day sales - I'm not sure if these tables are on sale outside of the United States however. I know they're not ideal tournament quality tables, but I think they're more than enough for a robot and/or relatively serious garage level play. The ones I noted were the 25mm Joola Signature Pro Tournament (now $560), the 19mm Joola Inside (now $420), and the 19mm Stiga Advantage Pro (now $400).

Having just moved into my first house (with a huge garage), I decided it was time to buy my own table. Now I'm prepared in the event of another pandemic (or if the COVID keeps mutating) so I never have to stop playing...🤤
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Sep 2011
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Video, or it didn't happen !!! Well, that is what they say on internet anyway. You still got a lot of getting things going in the new place, so I do not ape you.

Your line of thinking for value and perofrmance for the required mission is good. One does not need a $2000 USD table for a robot practice setup.