An amazing test-report about the SANWEI EX-C Froster PBO - from

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Hello everybody🙋, we are back, hope you are all well!

The cause was that our official distributor—Spinfacory in Germany sent a Froster PBO to mytischtennis for testing. Just last week we got that great news, they published the report in their own periodicals🥳.

As we all know mytischtennis is a very Professional, Rigorous, and Objective group🤓, they only say what they have tested——a true and accurate conclusion.

That's exactly what we want! We also want to know a neutral, unvarnished conclusion from a professional team to improve our products.✍️

The original of their report👇


On this page, you could find there are three TT masters giving different details.

By the way, our chief designer Shih will visit our studio in the near future. If you have any questions about SANWEI equipment, please leave your question below. Your questions will have a chance to be answered by the chief designer of SANWEI in person in the form of a video. What are you waiting for?🙌

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it was probably a little but unlucky that the three guys reviewing it usually play full wood blades, but if you only look at the ratings it is positive i guess.
Their rating would kind of translate to 1700-1900 USATT rating.
Thank you for your comment.

That's exactly what we want to do, bring together different voices and let fans hear it and judge for themselves. 🥳
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