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Apr 2019
I have bwen using Andro R42 on fh for years and all in all I am satisfied, because I dont like fast equipment. Also I use blade Victad balsa 5.5 which is realy great blade.
Anyway, sometimes I feel like maybe its to fast for me, so I am wondering if hybrid rubber will do the work.

I am looking mostly to Victas rubbers, so which of Victas is similar to R42 - should be spiny for rotation and nice control, not to fast, also not hard.
Also which hybrid rubber of Victas or other brand you recomend?
says toooooo much choice!!
says toooooo much choice!!
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Jul 2020
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If you go for a Hybrid, you could try the Donic Bluegrip series, they do about 4 or 6 of them, varying sponge hardness, and probably similar tackiness, I haven't tried them all, but there should be one in there that would suit you. Perhaps Bluegrip S1 or S2
Others are
Yasaka Rakza Z / Z EH, this lasts well, keeps its tackiness.
Nittaku Sieger PK50
Cheaper rubbers - Loki Arthur series - China, Asia & Europe.
DHS 8 - 80 in 38 degree hardness could also be an option.

Fast(ish) with less tackiness -BTY G09C, Donic Bluegrip C2, Tibhar K3,

As for Victus, - triple double extra (TDE) or double extra (DE), TDE is very tacky to start with, and harder sponge, DE is less tacky with a softer sponge.
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