Anti-Speed. Der-materialspezialist | Rubber Review

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Jul 2017
I never liked these kinds of reviews. The video above is like hitting during warm ups. I prefer to see people playing where the opponent is trying to score points. I want to know what does this rubber do for me that other rubbers do not.

BTW, I have a Dr Neubauer Matador with T25 FH and Megablock BH. The Megablock is so close to frictionless that all you can do is punch through the ball. It makes little sense trying to put spin on the ball or chop. The only think the Megablock allows me to do is to block short and at angles. If the opponent gets too conservative I must step around and use my FH to attack or twiddle. The main strategy is to win a game or two before the opponent catches on to the "spin reversal". When I play people that know how to play against LPs and Anti it isn't so much fun.