Anti Spin/Powr rubber and blade combination

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Hi again,

Yesterday i was in the club and i played for fun, and with that i was testing three rackets i have and assembled like last 1-2 months, and also yesterday i talked with one friend who is a great top player and a coach, he suggested highly that i should buy anti spin rubber from Dr. Neubauer A-B-S model not sure which but with 2.3mm thickness, so i want to ask if any tried this rubber at this thickness and with which blade.

The combos i was playing yesterday were as following:

1. Nittaku Ma Long 7 + Fastarc G-1 [FH] + Nittaku Best Anti 1.8mm [BH]
2. Yinhe Purple Dragon 6th series [D-607] + Big Dipper Max FH + Yinhe Neptune LP OX BH
3. Stuor Long 5 Cybershape + H3 NEO Prov BS FH+ H3 NEO 37 degree BH

The best one was the Yinhe surprisingly as i managed to beat 2 players who could beat me easily if i used a fast regular blades, and the Nittaku Best Anti was very confusing, very slow next/close to the table and fast if i go far away from table, and then suddenly it is the opposite, i didn't have time to test it much, but felt like it was not a good choice, while with Yinhe from the first time test it was nice and i was shocked, it almost played better than other rackets i assembled with LP, but one time/day/night test isn't a confirmation.

Now with the coach suggestion about A-B-S anti rubber i keep thinking about which blade, i tried that ALL my LP rubbers are glued to only all wood blades be it 5 ply or 7 ply, now if i think about another anti i am thinking this time maybe i should go with a carbon blade then and give it a try, and Dr. Neubauer has some blades for that such as Matador series, so i was thinking maybe that carbon version with 9 ply, is that a good idea? Is the rubber very very slow at that thickness as the coach told me to go with this thickness for i don't know the reason? It will be my last collection as i have a lot and need to test them all enough and sell few of the least use.


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Dec 2021
Go to OOAK forum, all the information you require is there.

And don’t be lazy, spend at least a couple of hours reading through the threads.