Any advices for my forehand Topspin?

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Jun 2022
tbh the way you recorded it and the angle the ball leaves the racket looks to me as if you shoot every ball into the net (if that little bit of table we can see is actually the table you are playing on).
Might be the vantage point, but it really looks like you have a rather flat hit and that the ball does not really follow the trajectory of your arm. This might have to do with the rubber you use. If it has a really low arc then the ball does not follow the hand/blade trajectory much. I personally play with Rakza Z and due to its high arc the ball will follow the (forward) movement of the racket even when the racket is closed.
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Jan 2019
1. recommend recording full body including leg/foot video
2. Seems right leg is too much behind left leg
3. too much upward, not enough forward motion
4. arm motion is not following after leg/body motion
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Nov 2022
The ball is consistently going to the same spot so I'm guessing this is a robot feeding you the balls?

Form looks pretty good in slow mo. Maybe one nitpick is what you're doing with your free arm. It shouldn't go so high up. Not only is it generally bad for balance and recovery, but it also might cover your vision. I was told to pull the elbow of the free arm back so to get more rotation and keep the COG low.

Maybe post a video in actual speed. That'll reveal whether the form is capable of keeping up with actual gameplay situations or if it's too big and might need to be made more compact. There's a dedicated video form check thread where only very knowledgable posters are allowed to comment. You should post there.