Anybody else's rubber struggling with the humidity?

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Mar 2015
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Actually when I run my fingers down the center of the rubber, it seems like it slips more than the sides of the rubber. I've been using this rubber for 5 weeks now, so maybe the rubber itself is also starting to wear out a little

A worn out rubber doesn't produce the "slippery" effect that you describe in your first post. It's just won't produce as much spin as a brand new one. I really doubt that it's even worn out after only 5 weeks, unless you are a real pro.

It's the humidity believe me. All self-respecting ping pong clubs in my country have de-humidifiers installed to keep moisture levels as low as possible. In the club that i play, we have 3 de-humidifiers working almost at 24/7 during the winter.

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May 2011
I've been watching some instructional videos and I ran into this one today. All you need to know about what they're saying in there is that Fang Bo is trying to teach how to counter-loop, but struggles to make one himself because of the humidity. I think we all know how good FB's forehand is, and even against relatively weak multi-ball topspins he has a terrible success rate and he won't stop complaining about the humidity. If you don't think humidity matters then you're probably just not good enough of a player to appreciate the difference.
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in my experience:
dhs h3 suffer the most in humidity conditions like the ball just fall of the rubber is quite ironic because is tacky lol.
fastarc g1 is good at this aspect, is been two national tournaments on humid conditions and my bh stayed consistent. i just wipe with my shirt and is grippy again
yasaka rakza x is non grippy at all, the two pieces i used is like palio ak47 topsheet, the ball not have that grip like fastarc or mxp. and not struggle att all, but you have to wipe after each point.
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