Anybody tried the Joola Energon or Nobilis?

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Oct 2010
I'm looking at potentially trying a new blade after the season ends in April/May, most likely get another Joola blade as I like the handles (currently use a Joola K7).

I'm looking for something with a bit more feel/control to it than my Joola K7, without losing too much pace.

Has anybody tried the Energon or Nobilis? These seem to be the latest Joola blades so there's very limited info on the net from people who have actually used them.

Alternatively looking at the Rossi Emotion or TPE Perform.
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I am playing with a Nobilis. It is amazing, it is a very speedy blade but the control is amazing! I guess to the Hinoki outer layer. It is a light blade, with a nice and comfortable handle. I am playing since three months with it and I can absolutely recommend it! It is not a super speed blade, but a OFF. With a fantastic control on it. I am playing with a Tenergy 05 Hard on FH and a Tenergy 80 on BH.